Loan Shark Roundup

We’ve been hearing a lot about Loan Sharks operating in Devon and Cornwall recently. This is by way of a roundup of articles we’ve found to be of interest. You can report a Loan Shark here.

The Money Advice Service, set up by the government, is a very useful source of information on Loan Sharks.

We all know about Citizens Advice, they have some informative advice on Loan Sharks.

Visit the UK Government site to report a loan shark or to see if a lender is registered.

More information about Loan Sharks and how to report them from the Illegal Money Laundering team. They also have a Twitter Feed with the latest news and views.

Article from BBC about loan sharks and the government crackdown.

And last of all, advice on Payday Loans from the well-known financial expert Martin Lewis on his very popular website.

2 thoughts on “Loan Shark Roundup

  1. Hi Steve, Im from a credit union in Ireland and we are running the same campaign around loan sharks. Do you mind if you copy your image and tagline for our campaign. We are working with a number of state agencies to combat loan sharks so I think your campaign is strong.

    1. Hi Helen, No problem, please feel free to copy anything from the article. If you like, please send me a link to your campaign when finished as I’m sure our members would be interested to see it.

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