Loan Shark Roundup

loan shark cartoon

We’ve been hearing a lot about Loan Sharks operating in Devon and Cornwall recently. This is by way of a roundup of articles we’ve found to be of interest. You can report a Loan Shark to Devon and Somerset Trading Standards here.

The Money Advice Service, set up by the government, is a very useful source of information on Loan Sharks.

We all know about Citizens Advice, they have some informative advice on Loan Sharks.

Visit the UK Government site to report a loan shark or to see if a lender is registered.

More information about Loan Sharks and how to report them from the Illegal Money Laundering team. They also have a Twitter Feed with the latest news and views.

Article from BBC about loan sharks and the government crackdown.

And last of all, advice on Payday Loans from the well-known financial expert Martin Lewis on his very popular website.

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