Universal Credit – Need Help?

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Universal Credit has come to the South West. It can cause a few problems, so if you need help, here are a few useful links. And you can of course come to see us at any time we’re open – we can’t give you any advice but can refer you on to someone who can!

Government Web Site – this is the official government web site and has the basic information you need.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) – this the government organisation that actually pays the benefits.

Universal Credit Essentials – Universal Credit Essentials was started in June 2016 by a couple of Universal Credit claimants. They know about the problems and pitfalls. Why not join there Facebook group? Click here or follow the links on their website.

The Money Advice Service – some basic guidance to supplement and explain the information on the government web site.

Citizens Advice – really good for independent advice.

Wikipedia – Wikipedia has a comprehensive set of pages on the history of Universal Credit with all sorts of information, warts and all!

Moneysavingexpert.com – advise from the organisation set up by financial guru, Martin Lewis.

The BBC – another warts and all article on Universal Credit.

Entitled To – web site offering a calculator to see what’s on offer. They claim to be authoritative!

AgeUK – another guide to Universal Credit, this time aimed at the older members of society!

That’s a roundup of the Universal Credit help we can find. You may be able to find more up to date information by doing a web search – try clicking on one of these – Google Bing Yahoo DuckDuckGo Wiki

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