Deadlines for Loans over Christmas Period

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As you can imagine, Christmas is a very busy time for our loans team. So, out of necessity, there are deadlines for the receipt and processing of loans if you want them before Christmas. These are shown below.

Saturday December 7, 2019Last day for submission of Loan Applications
Friday December 20, 2019Last day when you can collect a Christmas Loan

Applications received after December 7 will be processed as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee they will be paid before Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Deadlines for Loans over Christmas Period

  1. I have had loans from CPCU and previously until the time they closed, with Plough & Share CU, all in my own right as I have been a widow since 2009.
    Will I still be accepted for a loan in my own right since I now have a partner, or must he be included on loan pre form details and/or Loan agreements?
    As far as I can remember I have not missed any repayments on loans. LH

    1. Hi

      As your circumstances have changed, you will need to show the full new picture when you apply for a loan. I’m sure your previous repayment pattern will stand you in good stead when make the application.

      Thank you for contacting us.

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