COVID-19 – Alternative Arrangements for Cash Withdrawals

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This is an update to tell you how we are working to make sure that you have access to cash during this COVID-19 crisis. 

You can still access your savings by:-

  1. Withdrawing cash at the Frankfort Gate Office – we have closed the Devonport office to callers, to protect our staff. It is still operating as our back office, telephone and support service centre;
  2. Calling us on 01752 201 329 and we will take your instructions to transfer money to a members’ bank account / debit card / prepaid card;
  3. Jam Jar instructions to transfer a regular sum to a bank account / prepaid card continue as normal.

If the Government instruct us to suspend opening our office to members or if our staffing levels reduce through illness, we may not be able to offer access to cash so we ask that you help to reduce the pressure on our Frankfort Gate office.

  1. If you have another bank account with a debit card, please can you phone or write to our Devonport Office. If you require a regular Jam Jar transfer, can you please tell us when and how often.
  1. If you do not have a bank account / debit card / prepaid card but have a partner or friend that you trust and is willing to have money transferred into their account, could you please advise us. This is so we can either make payments now or have it set up so that if we do have to withdraw the cash service, we can more easily take your instructions to transfer the money by phone / letter.
  1. If you do not have access to an alternative bank account and no one you would trust to have money transferred to, could you please let us know. This is so we know we have to include you in our plans for alternative access to your savings.

Please do this by either:-

  1. Calling us on 01752 201 329;
  2. Print out and complete this form and return to one of our offices by post or put through the letter box, ideally to our Devonport Office at Cumberland Street.

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