The Change Account Debit Card is, Er, Changing

change card

We have received the following advice from Omnio who run the Change Account Debit card we currently use.

In line with our plans to close the Change account programme we are no longer taking any new applications. This is with immediate effect. Existing accounts can still be loaded and managed as normal and all existing card holder services and functionality are not affected. The provisional launch date for our exciting new and upgraded product, Vox Money, is the 26th October. We will be in touch with further information soon.

So, if you have a Change card, no need to do anything at the present time. We will keep you informed of any further updates when we receive them.

8 thoughts on “The Change Account Debit Card is, Er, Changing

    1. Hi

      Thanks for contacting us. We are still awaiting final confirmation from Vox as to when the changeover will occur and will let you know as soon as we do. In the meantime, the Change Card should still word OK. Please keep an eye on our blog for updates.

    2. But the change account is due to close in a couple of days what are customers supposed to do with there money and companies need new bank details for salary to get paid into

      1. Yes, agreed. The problem is that City of Plymouth Credit Union do not manage or administer the cards, this wholly done by the Vox organisation. We do our best to help our customers in any way we can, but it’s down to Vox to do the management. I’ll get someone from the office to contact you directly.

  1. I also have a change account and live in peterborough vox money have left us all in a bad situation in regards to our money what are we suppose to do

    1. We at CPCU are helping all our members with the transition from Change to Vox as much as we can, although Vox/Change themselves are wholly responsible for the management of the cards. I suggest you contact your credit union and ask what they are doing to help with the changeover. You can also contact Change directly via their website or the Vox website (although there’s not a lot there at the present time!).

  2. Vox web site is not working says coming soon so no way to contact them and spoke to my credit union and they say its down to vox??? Seems like its pass the buck back and forth noone wants to take responsibility

  3. Iv spoke to vox and they say sign up and iv done it but u still have to wait to order a card and they told me that the website will be up and running this week and it still not so what do we do now change account has closed cause i need new bank account asap as I get played on 2ed

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