cpcu volunteering

City of Plymouth Credit Union, in common with all credit unions,  depends on its volunteers. The Board of Directors, for instance, are all volunteers and give their time and use their expertise to run the credit union. Most of them not only operate at Board level to direct the credit union, but also work alongside the employed staff to ensure the organisation’s smooth running. Volunteers also run the Service Points scattered around Plymouth and wider afield, see the map on the home page for their locations.

A wide range of skills is required to run the credit union. For instance, financial expertise is required to keep the accounts straight, and IT support is required to keep the systems running correctly, including this web site! In fact, we need the entire range of skills to be found in any small to medium size company.

Although we try to ensure that the positions in the credit union are fully manned, we of course have some gaps. If you feel you can contribute, please contact us, especially if you can help in these specific areas. We can provide further in-depth information should you be interested.

  • We rely on volunteers
  • We require skills typically required by all companies
  • Acquire new skills
  • Use the skills you have to benefit the community
  • Build your CV

Service Point Officers

Can you help to run our Offices and Service points around Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall? If you have some free time  and have or would like to acquire the following skills, we would encourage you to contact us. We will of course provide training for all aspects of  the position. You would require:

  • Good inter-personal skills
  • Be numerate
  • Able to handle cash
  • Able to assist with the completion of forms
  • Able to prepare internal forms for cash returns
  • If working in the two main Offices at Devonport and Frankfort Gate, ability to operate a computer system as a teller.

Grants Coordinator

We are looking for someone to assist with acquiring grants, specifically:

  • To coordinate the pre-award planning, organisation, preparation, and the post-award administration of various grants
  • Interact with the Management and Treasury Teams to ensure that grants are in compliance with regulatory, funding agency, and policy requirements
  • Provide guidance and support to the Board of Directors in the identification and development of grant opportunities.

Compliance & Risk Management Officer

Can you help with managing compliance and risk in the credit union, specifically:

  • Ensuring each internal/external risk of the credit union is identified, assessed, reported and monitored and assisting the manager with managing and mitigating those risks
  • Maintaining the risk register
  • Making monthly reports to the board of directors
  • Providing training and support in the area of risk management to officers of the credit union
  • Supporting the board of directors in promoting a culture of risk awareness, identification and management at every level within the credit union.

Credit Committee Member

Can you help with the management of our loans? Principal duties are:

  • Helping with formulating the loan policy of the credit union and making recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • Ensuring that the loan policy is complied with by the Loan Officers granting the loans.

Training Officer

We would like to strengthen the team that provides training to our staff and volunteers, principally:

  • Prepare and deliver training programmes for staff and volunteers
  • Report to Board on training requirements.

Promotions Officer

Working with the Credit Union Manager, you will carry out the following duties:

  • Liaise with the media to ensure good publicity for the credit union
  • Co-ordinate the production of publicity materials for the credit union
  • Identify opportunities to promote the credit union and increase membership.

Membership Officer

Working with the Credit Union Manager, principal duties are:

  • Ensuring that an up to date list of members is maintained by the credit union
  • Identifying opportunities for further membership growth
  • Reporting on membership growth in line with agreed targets.

Health and Safety Officer

This important position with the credit union would require the following:

  • Keeping the credit union’s Health & Safety policy up to date
  • Monitoring the implementation of the credit union’s Health & Safety policy
  • Establishing and implementing a system for reporting hazards
  • Undertaking regular inspections of the office premises to identify any potential hazards
  • Conducting investigations into accidents to staff when needed
  • Reporting to the Board of Directors.

Complaints Officer

Principal duties are:

  • Establishing and maintaining the complaint handling process
  • Responsibility for establishing reporting and record keeping of complaints.

Supervisory Committee Member

The Supervisory Committee, also referred to as Internal Audit, is responsible for ensuring the credit union is run in accordance with its rules and regulations. It operates independently from the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers. Skills required are:

  • Ability to check that all aspects of the credit union are run according to its own rules and those of the Regulators
  • Carry out internal audit checks
  • Report to The Board of Directors regarding the correct running of the credit union.