Adult Membership

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You must be a member of City of Plymouth Credit Union to access any of our products or services. First and foremost, this requires that you be part of the “common bond” for the credit union; in our case, that means that you either live or work in Devon, Cornwall, or the Isles of Scilly. (If you don’t qualify, try the Find Your Credit Union site to find out which credit union covers your area.) Then you need to apply to join. It’s quite straightforward, you need to complete an Adult Membership Form (print it out or obtain one from a Service Point) and provide some personal identification information. Known as “Know Your Customer” or KYC checks, this is a requirement placed on all financial institutions, including banks, building societies and, of course, credit unions. It’s part of the government Money Laundering Regulations and is necessary to prove your identity and address. You will need to provide a minimum of two forms of identification, one from each of the following lists. In all cases we need to see ORIGINAL documents, not photocopies. If you are applying by post, we will return them with your membership welcome pack. The same document can’t be used to prove your Name and Address. We cannot accept any liability for documents lost in the post.

Please don’t send the application form as an email attachment as we need original signatures on the form and, as email is an insecure communication medium and many of the forms contain sensitive information, could lead to data protection issues.

  • Save and Borrow, Plan for Tomorrow
  • Gain access to savings plans and low cost finance
  • Avoid high-cost lenders and loan sharks
  • Combat financial exclusion
  • Become part of your local financial cooperative
  • Have a say in how the credit union is run – you have a vote
  • Low membership cost – one off £3 fee on joining
  • Low Annual Membership fee – just £5 a year

Proof of Name

Proof of Current Address

And finally, before you become a member, you will need to pay a minimum of £1 into your savings and pay the Membership Fee of £2 – this is to cover the administration costs of joining you up. You can make payments by standing order, via our payroll partners scheme,  direct from your benefit payment, at your local post office, or at one of our many service points using your credit union membership number as a reference.

Any change of name or address, change of e-mail address or change of telephone or mobile number must be notified to us immediately.  If you do not do this we may charge your account with the cost of locating you. Proof of change of name or address may be required.

Nominate a Proxy

Sometimes it may be necessary to get someone else to look after your account, either through ill health or because you can’t telephone or attend a Service Point for some reason. You can do this by filling in a Proxy Nomination form. This will allow the person you appoint to carry out things like getting account balances or withdrawing savings. Don’t forget, however, that your proxy CANNOT sign a Loan Application or Loan Agreement, or collect a Loan Advance on your behalf for fairly obvious security reasons! Just click the button below, print out the form and fill it in. Or you can get a blank form from a Service Point.

Adult Membership Terms and Conditions