Junior Saver


Anyone under the age of 18 can join City of Plymouth Credit Union as a Junior Saver. Membership is FREE.

Joining is easy. Just complete a Junior Saver Application Form (print it out or obtain one from a Service Point) and we will open a Junior Saving Account for you. Remember, your parent, guardian or a grandparent must act as a trustee for your account.

Your trustee will need to prove their identity and current address and you will need to supply a valid UK or non-UK Passport, an ORIGINAL birth certificate, an ORIGINAL adoption certificate, or a Red Book as supplied by your Health Visitor. (For accounts opened through a school credit union branch, the school will confirm your identity. If your trustee is already a member of the credit union, then no further proof is required, otherwise, documents from the “Proof of Name” and “Proof of Current Address” tables below will also be required.)

If applying by post, please supply a Stamped Addressed Envelope or Special Delivery envelope with your application for return of documents. We cannot accept any liability for documents lost in the post.

Please don’t send the form as an email attachment as we need original signatures on the form and, as email is an insecure communication medium and many of the forms contain sensitive information, could lead to data protection issues.

  • If you’re under 18 years of age, you can join
  • You can join directly with the credit union or via your school
  • No membership fee!
  • Must have a parent, guardian or grandparent to act as a trustee
  • Automatic promotion to Adult Member at 18 with no membership fee
  • Promote financial awareness
  • Help with National Curriculum

Proof of Name

Proof of Current Address

When you reach the age of 18, you will automatically be promoted to being an Adult Member. And you won’t have to pay a membership fee!

school desk

Does your school have a School Bank? No? Then why not talk to your teachers about opening a school branch of the credit union – many schools have done just that. It all helps with the financial requirements of the National Curriculum!

Junior Saver Terms and Conditions