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At the City of Plymouth Credit Union, we offer a wide range of financial products which will hopefully satisfy most requirements. We have three classes of membership, adult members who are over 18 years old, junior savers under 18 and corporate members. When you join, you will automatically be given a main saving account. In addition, adult members can also open a Christmas Saving Account to accumulate savings for one of the most expensive times of the year. For saving for other specific things like vet bills or a holiday, adults can also open an Additional Saving Account.

For Adult members, we have several loan offerings which we are confident will meet all your needs including our Starter Loan aimed at both new and existing members alike, our Family Budgeting Loan for those receiving Child Benefit who would like to use it to repay a loan, our Super Savers Loan for members who have sufficient savings to pledge against a loan advance, and our Fully Secured Loan for members who have sufficient savings to pledge against the whole of their loan but wish to keep their savings intact and at the same time benefit from free life insurance. Finally, for members of our Payroll Partners scheme, we have our Payroll Loan

How can I make payments into my credit union savings and/or loan accounts?

  • You can pay by Standing Order. Press the button below for a form. Send it to us and we’ll do the rest
  • Get your Benefits paid directly into your credit union account
  • Ask your employer to set up a Payroll Partners Scheme and get part of your salary paid into your account
  • Make payments by cash at any of our Service Points

For members’ convenience, through a partnership, we provide a low-cost prepaid Visa Debit Card which can be used by members to load the money obtained from savings withdrawals and loans. This is the modern and convenient way to shop.

All our savings and loans are covered by valuable Life Insurance. Some of our members make deposits just simply to take advantage of this feature which is free of charge to all members and covers savings and loans. Of course, they are subject to terms and conditions.

Details of all our products are available by clicking on the buttons below.

piggy bank

Find out more about our wide range of savings accounts. We have accounts for adults over 18 and for juniors

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Check out our wide range of loans available to over 18s.

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Visa Debit Card

Find out all about our competitive prepaid Visa debit card. The modern, convenient way to shop!

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Life Insurance

Free to all our members, this gives peace of mind should the very worst happen.