Prepaid Debit Card

credit devit cardWhen you take out a loan, withdraw your savings or when your Christmas Club savings get paid out, what do you do next? If you decide on a cheque, you have to wait for it to clear before it gets to your account. It's quicker with a Faster Payments transfer, but you still have the inconvenience of writing cheques. And walking around with wads of cash is just plain dangerous. Ultimately, the modern way is to use plastic. This is where our Prepaid Debit card comes in.

Omnio, the company that runs the Change Account Prepaid Debit Card we currently use, have announced that they are no longer accepting applications for new cards. However, existing cards can continue to be loaded and used in the usual way. Omnio intend to replace Change with a new card, the Vox Card, late in October. We will be examining this new offering and comparing it with other market-leading card providers to ensure that we are offering our members the very best option available, so please keep an eye on our blog and on this page.


  • Faster Payments
  • Direct Debits
  • Mobile Apps
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Competitive costs
  • Cannot overdraw on card