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The City of Plymouth offers many different services to our members, mostly free of charge. We can help you pay your regular bills from your savings with our Budget Account service – you can even get your benefits paid into your account. We then pay your bills and what’s left over is yours to spend. How about getting your employer to pay direct from your salary into your savings account? The big advantage with this is you hardly notice it happening and after a while, have a nice nest-egg put away. We can even help to give you and your landlord peace of mind by arranging for your benefits to be paid direct into your savings account and then paying your rent for you through our Rent Direct schemeUniversal Credit is coming. Many of our members are really concerned by the way that benefit is paid in arrears, often leaving them for up to 6 weeks with no benefit. We may by able to help.

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Budget Accounts

Having difficulty with paying your bills? We can help. Pay your benefits to us to ensure you bills are paid on time.

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Payroll Partners

Get your savings paid directly into your account by your employer, that way you’ll reduce the pain of saving!

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Rent Direct

Get your benefits paid directly to us. We will then pay your rent direct to your landlord.

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Universal Credit

Universal Credit here. See if we can help you over the dreaded 6 week hump.