Payroll Partners

Introducing our NEW Payroll Partners Scheme

Providing you with an even easier way to manage your loans and savings via your paycheck.


By joining the scheme, you have the opportunity to make savings and pay back affordable loans directly from your monthly salary.

With Payroll Loans, you can take out an affordable loan with us and, through the scheme, arrange to make your repayments directly from your monthly salary. We only ever offer loans we are sure you can afford, and by arranging payroll repayments, you can feel confident in paying off your loan on time!

To make savings, you choose exactly how much of your paycheck you want to be deducted at source and into your Credit Union savings account each month. You don’t have to give it a moment’s thought – and after a short while you’ll be amazed at how much your savings have grown!

Why join the Payroll Partners Scheme?
  • It’s convenient
  • Feel more financially secure
  • Access to affordable loans
  • Exclusive interest rates
  • And there’s no extra cost

All your savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

We currently have Payroll Deduction partnerships with the following organisations.
This sounds great, how do I join?

First, your employer needs to be a member of the scheme. If they aren’t a member, ask them to contact us so we can enrol them in the scheme.

So what are you waiting for? Click below to start saving!


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