Rent Direct


The City of Plymouth Credit Union has a Rent Direct scheme designed to give peace of mind to both landlords and tenants regarding the timely payment of rent. It works like this:

  • The Tenant joins City of Plymouth Credit Union as a member
  • The credit union member (Tenant) gets their Local Housing Allowance or Universal Credit Payment paid into their credit union saving account
  • The credit union pays the landlord the rent on the due day
  • The balance of the benefit payment is then available to the tenant.

Members using this scheme and their landlords have found this to be a very good way of reducing the stress associated with paying rent as it considerably reduces the risk of non-payment. Costs are very low, it’s free to the tenant and costs for the landlord are only £5 per 4-weeks for payments made under LHA or £2 per calendar month for payments made under Universal Credit.

Many members use the Rent Direct scheme in association with our Budget (Jam Jar) Account to ensure all their bills are paid on time. After the payments have been made, they know that what’s left over is theirs to spend. We can also help with the transition to Universal Credit.

Interested? Then contact us for more details or print out and fill in the Tenant Authorisation form below. You can also get a copy from any of our Service Points.

Are you a Tenant or a Landlord? Interested? Then contact us to find out more or print out and complete the Registration Form.

  • Employer pays part of salary into credit union savings account
  • Integration with Budget Accounts
  • Integration with Rent Direct scheme